Pens in Movies

Having become such as a vital part of everyday life, it is almost a no brainer that the humble pen would be a focal point for some classic movie scenes over the years. But it is not just on the big screen where pens have featured, many of the classic plays and film scripts have been written by hand over the years. A number of the world’s biggest scriptwriters have been quoted over the years saying that one of the only ways to get their creative juices flowing if they are suffering from writer’s block is to distance themselves from everything and just go out with a notepad and pen. Even today, in the age of computers and uber-technology, the pen is still the best option to get your thoughts and ideas out.

Seen to many as one of the best Batman films ever created, The Dark Knight showcases Heath Ledger’s finest performance as he depicts the psychotic joker character. The dark and mysterious film made over one billion dollars at box office and although it doesn’t have a memorable scene with a pen, it certainly does with a pencil. In one of the most talked about scenes of the 21st century, the joker is seen talking to a number of mob bosses when he magically makes a pencil disappear into the skull of one of those who doubt him.

Released November 13, 1995, Goldeneye was Pierce Brosnan’s first appearance as Ian Fleming’s James Bond. the film sets up 007’s mission to stop an evil businessman who has acquired the use of a satellite weapon that has the potential to destroy the earth at the touch of a button. As is the case with a number of James Bond films, the English secret agent is equipped with a number of special gadgets that have the power to defeat his enemy. One of these so-called gadgets is a rather inconspicuous pen, however, all is not what it seems. Disguised as pen, the nifty gadget is also a small explosive. Featuring a clicker at the top, when it is pressed in simultaneously three times in a row, the explosive is triggered for explosion ten seconds after the final click.

Starring American funny-man Jim Carrey, Liar Liar is a comedy film that was released in March 1997. In the film, Carrey plays a seedy attorney named Fletcher Reede who is a real hero in the courtroom. The character comes into the forefront when his family and career is thrown up in the air through his long web of lies. As a result of this, his on-screen son wishes that his father would be unable to lie. This wish leads to one of the best scenes in the film, and yes you guessed it, it features a pen. Armed with a blue ballpoint pen, the main character tries to write that the pen is in-fact red which ends in a humorous fashion as Jim Carrey reappears from beneath a table with the word blue scribed all over his body.