Hello and welcome to Pensz! On this website, you will find all the information you could ever need or want to know about the eclectic world of the humble pen. Regarded as one the most important inventions of all time, the pen changed the way millions of people live their lives overnight. It allowed people to write down their thoughts and imaginations and also helped us scribe some of the most important pieces of legislation the world has seen.

Pens have moved away from just being something that we write down ideas with, and has now moved into the luxury segment with some pens fetching tens of thousands of dollars. As a result of this, owning a sturdier pen has become somewhat of a status symbol within certain cultures and social circles. But with the pen being at an all-time high, we thought it would be fitting to look at the origin of this piece of writing apparatus and delve deeper into how such a simple piece of kit changed the world forever.





Before we kick things off, it is probably important that we cover the basics as to what actually makes a piece of writing equipment a pen. Latin for the word penna which translates to feather, a pen is a piece of apparatus used to apply substance known as ink to a surface such as paper or parchment for the purpose of writing and drawing. There has been many historic versions of a pen which we will touch on further on down the page, but in terms of modern pens, varients include ballpoint, rollerball, fountain and felt tip.



Having been in existence for less than 200 years, it is crazy to think how the world would have survived without the type of modern pens we use in everyday life. The most common found pen in the world today is without doubt the ballpoint pen. Invented back in the 1800s, the recorded patent of a ballpoint pen was issued on October 30, 1888 to a gentleman named John J Loud.

Although the ballpoint pen was first patented in 1888, different types of pen have been in existence since the times of the ancient Egyptians when they used to use something known as a reed pen to write symbols and shapes onto parchment.



As we previously touched on, the first recorded use of a pen occurs in the year 3000BC when the ancient Egyptians are thought to have used something known as a reed pen. Crafted from a piece of reed or bamboo, the reed pen is one of the earliest creations and is still used to teach children to write in some parts of Asia.

The reed pen was the dominant force in the world of writing for many a millennia until one day, someone found that using a feather from a goose was easier and neater to write with. Known as a quill pen, this was the most common way of writing during the medieval times and was still the prominent way of scribing up until the end of the 18th century.