Hello fellow pen lovers and welcome to Pensz! This is a brand-new impartial website that looks to give you all the useful and useless information about the history of pens! Expect to find the unexpected as we dive deeper than any have dared to go before. We will hopefully shine some light on the incredible and varied history of pens and we will describe how something so simple as a bamboo branch went on to change the world forever. What makes our website different from the others out there is the fact that all the content has been created by people who have a genuine passion for pens – both new and old. We have collated all of our information from some of the industry’s leading historians to ensure that all the information you see before you is completely correct.

As you may have noticed by now, Pensz is broken down into several different pages all of which aim to give you as much information about pens as possible!


On this page, you will get exactly what the name would suggest. If you are looking for a crash course in the history of pens and how they came about to be one of the most used products in modern life, then you will love what we have got for you. We look at how you define a pen, when the first pen was invented and how pens have been used throughout history.

If you are looking for a descriptive run through of how the humble pen has changed over the millenniums, then this page is for you. We have collected information on reed pens, quills, fountain pens, ballpoint pens and more!

Perfect for all you film buffs, if you want to see some of your favourite pens in action, then make sure you head on over to our dedicated film page!